Context for Choosing Pescadero

On the coast somewhere between Pescadero and Halfmoon Bay, Summer 2012

In the summer of 2012, I had my first adventure in Pescadero, California visiting my best friend from college, Abby, who is the Faith Liaison for Puente de la Costa Sur.  While Abby worked one day, her husband, Nathan, and I ventured throughout Pescadero and Half Moon Bay, a neighboring town.  We stopped at different places to breathe in the ocean air and view the majestic scenery, we ate lunch at an adorable little establishment in Pescadero, visited some of the local shops, and walked through Pescadero to the cemetery to see some of the history of the town.  It was impossible to not fall in love with this little place.  My love of the town grew exponentially that afternoon when we attended the local farmer’s market run by Puente.  There was a true sense of community there, and I met some amazing people.

It was easy to choose this place as my destination-of-choice for the Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Grant.  Only this time, it was important to me that I go for a much longer period of time so that I could immerse myself in the community and really get to know the people and community of Pescadero.  I cannot wait for June to arrive so that I can be in California among these amazing people and working alongside Puente, an amazing community organization.  Less than 90 days away…!!!!!