Leaving on a Jet Plane: Tickets Booked!

I am THRILLED to report that my plane tickets are officially booked, and I have my lodging all figured out.  I had to get a little creative with lodging because the place I intended to stay for the duration of my time in California no longer had vacancy for most of the time I will be there.  So I will enjoy it for 1 week out of the month.  I figured out lodging for the rest of the trip, but it involves a little more driving than I had initially hoped.  All is well that ends well, though.

Here’s what I know thus far:

  • I purchased a one-way ticket to San Francisco, California departing June 7, 2014.
  • I am not flying back to the Midwest until July 5, 2014.
  • I have a rental car waiting for me for that time from June 7 until July 5.
  • When I arrive on June 7, I will be checking into Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero, California where I will be living in a tent bungalow for 1 week.  While the tent itself is private, the rest of the time at Costanoa is pretty communal, which I am excited for.  I am thrilled to think about meeting people from all over the world and hearing all kinds of stories during my stay when I’m not at Puente.
  • I will check out of Costanoa on June 15, and move in with a family in Palo Alto for ~2 weeks since Costanoa got all booked in the time it took for me to hear back about the grant and receive the funds to begin making official reservations.
  • I will leave Palo Alto, and check into Old Thyme Inn in Half Moon Bay, California for the remainder of my trip.  Half Moon Bay is the town next to Pescadero, so I will be closer to Puente again.  Old Thyme Inn is on historic Main Street in Half Moon Bay, so my inner-social studies nerd is geeking out over this.  Plus, it continues my plan for communal living with other people from different places.