Photo Op!

Another post of photos because some don’t flow in the narrative posts.  

In the first several photos, check out the fog/clouds as I travel over “the hill” to the coast side on my way to Pescadero, CA.  I tried to get several shots while stopped in traffic and at stop lights.  

One day when I was driving home from Pescadero back to Palo Alto, I saw a Jacob’s Farm Del Cabo truck.  Since it was relavent to a previous post, The End of Week 2: The Kids Have Stolen My Heart, I thought I’d snap a photo.  (Sorry it was a little blurry.  The truck was in motion even though it was slow motion as it chugged up the hills.)

Also in reference to that same aforementioned post, I decided to test an apple-eating strategy that the owner of the juicer cafe shared with me: How to Eat An Apple Like a Boss.  So I tried it, and it worked!  I am now the proud eater of the entire apply (sans seeds and stem).  It’s changed my life.  

Last and most certainly not least, one of my new students taught me how to REALLY take a selfie.  This is Daisy and me taking a break from her U.S. History course.  Haha!

I clearly did not know what I was doing.