Noblesville Schools Learning Showcase 2015

On March 11, 2015, three of my students joined me at the Noblesville Schools Learning Showcase.  Our exhibit was about being "Informed and Empowered" as students.  Together, we featured the work of my Government and Economics students' #ProjectCitizen work and #breakingbias work.  Project Citizen is an authentic, project-based approach to crafting public policy and bring about positive change to the community, state, nation, and/or world.  Breaking Bias is an Economics project that looks at misinformation, misconceptions, and media-views of controversial Macroeconomic topics.  The students pictured above completed these projects first semester and/or are in the process of working on them in the current semester.  

Emma: former Economics student; her #breakingbias topic was immigration; current Government student; her #Project Citizen topic is sex trafficking

Micaela: former Government student; her #ProjectCitizen topic was the Gender Wage Gap

Mark: former Government student; his #ProjectCitizen topic was the demilitarization of police

Google slides presentation from the Showcase: Informed & Empowered